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Butterflymachine presents, Metamorphic Card Creatures (MCCs). 

MCCs are collectable trading cards that transform into three dimensional action figures.  The first line of these ground breaking toys are called, ZONE-REAVERS.

Each MCC comes fully printed, cut, and ready to construct.  No scissors, glue, or tape needed.  Intuitive, visual instructions make it easy to get started as soon as you open the box.

A combination of, high quality material and clever design will deliver a uniquely satisfying tactile experience, and a finished product that you’ll be proud to own.

News Releases
Feb 20, 2017

BUTTERFLYMACHINE was featured at TIA TOY TRENDS 2017 briefing - day 2 of #TFNY. Their CollectableTrading cards: Zone-Reavers were introduced by TIA experts as one of the hottest trends for 2017....

Feb 18, 2017

BOOTH # 4526. Zone Reavers _Metamorphic Card Creatures: Trading Cards that transform into 3D Action Figures. These original art toys are fun to build, cool to collect, and easy to get into....

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