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Jason Lautenschleger
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Barry McLaughlin

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Barry and Jason met on their first day of college at UCLA years ago and have been collaborating ever since.

They’ve hosted live comedy game shows all over the country, which led to Game Night in a Can, which is now releasing a sequel called The Familympics.

Their second game, Dr. Biscuits’ Radical Road trip, is a revolutionary new travel game that inspires kids off of their screens, and is a finalist for the TOTY Game of the Year award.

They are currently collaborating with Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty on a game called “Crazy Aaron’s Ultimate Putty Challenge.”

News Releases
Feb 13, 2019

Los Angeles, CA -- February 13, 2019 -- Barry McLaughlin and Jason Lautenschleger, the creators of Game Night in a Can and Dr. Biscuits’ Radical Road Trip, have teamed up with Crazy Aaron and...

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