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New York, February 13, 2016

A Game Changer
A smart new cube puzzle is being unveiled at the 2016 International Toy Fair Booth 5977 amid a buzz of “what is it?”  Is it a game...a toy...a puzzle?  “It's all of those things and more,” says creator Mark Boulding about Boulding Blocks, his namesake invention. “It's a revolutionary concept--- a building block system within a cube---beyond the brain teasing puzzles and construction blocks everybody already knows about.”

Think Outside the Blocks
In development for more than two years, Boulding Blocks began as the Perfect Cube, based on design principles of conjoined spaces of equal volume. “What you're going to see at the Toy Fair, “explained Boulding, “are assembled cubes of pieces with possible combinations in the hundreds of thousands.  You'll also see what happens when you rearrange the pieces of multiple cubes.”

A Bridge to Anywhere
Boulding Blocks' Toy Fair theme, A Bridge to Anywhere, shows just how smart a cube can be.  Take it apart and start building...bridges, skyscrapers, towers, cities…wherever your imagination leads you. It's an educational toy that captures the focus of children of all ages.  It's fun for individuals and groups, even competitively. Girls and boys play with it the same way.  Middle schoolers invent games with it.  College art students us it as a material for installation art.  A team of professional designers is currently making Boulding Blocks the basis for designing a city for the 2016 EVOLO skyscraper competition.

Museum Store Hit
The original Boulding Blocks cube was test marketed at the 2015 Museum Store Association Annual Meeting and Trade Show in Hartford, CT. The cube puzzle is now available at more than 30 museum stores throughout the country, including the Princeton University Art Museum; National Museum of Mathematics, New York; National Building Museum in Washington D.C.; Museum of Fine Arts in Boston; and the M.I.T. Museum.  Stores at leading museums in Santa Fe, Milwaukee, San Diego and other cities also feature Boulding Blocks with their construction toys.

“The cube puzzle is fun, it's educational, and it's beautiful,” comments inventor Boulding.  “Our museum store clients love it.  Every household should have one, and now is the time to launch it into the toy market. We're excited to see it at booksellers, specialty puzzle outlets, art supply distributors, educational toy stores, big-box and online retailers. It belongs everywhere.”

Cubes Into Spheres...Even Cylinders
The Boulding Blocks cube is the first in a series of puzzles based on similar design principles.  Boulding explains that spheres and cylinders can already be integrated with cube puzzle pieces, revealing another universe of imaginative possibilities. Add-ons are also in the works to make cars and characters in conjunction with the basic blocks. Blocks in the whole spectrum of colors will be introduced in the next production run.  See these and more:  

Art as Invention and Invention as Innovation
Inventing a construction toy is a logical step for this businessman, artist, and teacher.  Boulding owns and operates a trade show exhibit design and production company in Denver.  His graduate degree in fine arts led him to sculpting, photography, and ceramics.  “My art is somewhere between an avocation and a vocation,” muses Boulding.  “I continue to be amazed at what emerges from a few hours spent in my studio.” 

Where does Boulding see Boulding Blocks down the road?  “I see it everywhere and available to everyone with even a passing interest in fun and brainy toys. I can say for sure that THIS is what innovation looks like!”

Product Testing and Certification
Made in the USA. 
First production run has undergone CPSIA testing and certification for US market and CE for European markets.  Product is suitable for children ages six and up.  Adult supervision is recommended for ages up to 12. Patent Pending.

One cube worth thousands of hours of fun.

$17.96 per cube

$64.66 per 4-pack
$114.94 per 8-pack

Toy Fair special, booth #5977:  Free shipping for your first order.