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220 James E. Casey Drive | Buffalo, NY 14206
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Shaena Kershner
Senior Marketing Manager
Buffalo Games, Inc.

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Buffalo Games is an industry-leading jigsaw puzzle and party game manufacturer located in Buffalo, New York.  Buffalo Games products are available at all major retailers in the U.S.A. and Canada. Over the company’s 30-year history, Buffalo Games has sold more than 40 million puzzles and party games.  The company’s portfolio includes popular licenses such as Watch Ya’ Mouth, Nat Geo’s Brain Games, Star Wars, DC Super Friends, Charles Wysocki, Josephine Wall, Kim Norlien, Darrell Bush and The Hautman Brothers. All of Buffalo Games’ products are made in the U.S.A. with a careful eye toward quality and sustainable practices.

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News Releases
Feb 9, 2017

(Buffalo, New York) – It all started with the bottle flip heard round the world. A high school senior flipped a water bottle for his school’s talent show and America has been flipping over...

Feb 8, 2017

(Minneapolis, Minnesota) – Wannaple’ is thrilled to announce it is joining forces with industry-leading puzzle and game manufacturer Buffalo Games to launch a line of character-building...

Feb 8, 2017

(Buffalo, New York) – Industry-leading puzzle and game company Buffalo Games is pleased to announce the launch of a new board game for kids 8+, based on the Emmy®-nominated National Geographic...

Feb 10, 2016

Buffalo, New York) – Buffalo Games proudly announces the addition of artist Johanna Basford to its industry-leading jigsaw puzzle portfolio. Basford is a Scottish illustrator who uses pens and...

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