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Lunchbox Electronics has created the smallest, stackable, LEGO-compatible, light up bricks called Build Upons! Build Upons are light up bricks that are compatible with LEGO® bricks! These are the latest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math (STEAM) toys brought to you by Lunchbox Electronics, a woman-owned company.

The Build Upons system has three types of bricks: an LED brick, a power brick, and a bridge brick. Light the LED bricks by connecting them to a Power Brick - you can design pathways with as many Bridge Bricks as you need for ultimate flexibility. Build Upons LED bricks are based on 1x1 bricks to create elegant designs. You don't need to know electronics to use these bricks, you simply build, just like you've always done! Build Upons bring a different solution to the market with ultimate flexibility and smaller than the other light up bricks on the market.

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