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Wheeling, Illinois (February 7, 2018) ELENCO, maker of award-winning SNAP CIRCUITS® educational toys, will unveil its newest additions to its popular family of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) products at this year’s New York Toy Fair. SNAP CIRCUITS® products teach kids to have fun learning electricity, engineering and more. The SNAP CIRCUITS® brand has been endorsed by educators globally and used in schools, libraries, museums, after-school and homeschool programs, STEM and Maker programs, and at home. Many of today’s rising leaders in science and technology learned the basics of engineering by creating and inventing with SNAP CIRCUITS®. Teachers and parents worldwide applaud SNAP CIRCUITS® not just for its value in teaching basic electronics concepts, but also because the kits reinforce reading, small motor skills, and problem-solving in a fun and engaging way. Elenco continues to be at the forefront of STEM education. Last Fall, students displayed their SNAP CIRCUITS® projects to the First Lady at an event to raise STEM-education awareness.

SNAP CIRCUITS® BRIC: STRUCTURES: Elenco will officially unveil its newest member of the SNAP CIRCUITS® family at this year’s New York Toy Fair. Now kids can use their imaginations to combine SNAP CIRCUITS® with ordinary building bricks to make endless combinations of construction and circuitry. With patent-pending, Bric-2-Snap adapter technology, kids can wire up their brick-building experience with SNAP CIRCUITS® lights, sounds, moving parts, and 3-D circuits to invent almost anything and make it go. SNAP CIRCUITS® BRIC: STRUCTURES features 20 SNAP CIRCUITS® component parts, 75 Bric-2-Snap adaptors, and over 140 fully compatible building bricks. (Ages 8+) Demo events will be held at New York Toy Fair, Booth #3063, 2/17-18, 11:00 a.m. / 3:00 p.m.

ABOUT SNAP CIRCUITS®: SNAP CIRCUITS® features building components with snaps to assemble electronic circuits on a rows-and-columns grid that functions like the printed circuit board found in most electronic products. Each SNAP CIRCUITS® part is easily identifiable by a different color and purpose, and each kit includes a full-color, curriculum-rich, easy-to-follow project manual. The line offers a wide range of kits, in differing size and complexity. In addition to its best-selling themed products, such as the MOTION, GREEN, and BEGINNER, Elenco added three products to its SNAP CIRCUITS® line in 2017:

  • Snap Circuits® STEM: ASTRA award-winning kit designed to make learning STEM engaging and fun.
  • Snap Circuits® 3D-MEG: Magnetism, Electricity, Gears. Build working circuits in 3D.
  • Snapino® Learn to code with this Arduino-compatible kit. Recommended by Parents’ Choice!

SNAPQUBE. Following its Learn by doing® philosophy, Elenco will also premier SNAPQUBE -- App-powered electronic blocks that teach kids about electronics. SNAPQUBE teaches basic circuitry, such as how firetruck sirens, flashlights and garage lights work, with easy-to-snap, magnetic blocks that communicate with a parent-friendly mobile app which can be downloaded to a PC, tablet or mobile device. Like the SNAP CIRCUITS® method of teaching basic electronic concepts in a fun-filled, hands-on way, SNAPQUBE has over 100 engaging projects that involve real-life, problem-solving scenarios as well as a free-form building mode that inquisitive kids will love. Elenco plans to have SNAPQUBE available in two versions and include a full-color, easy-to-follow project manual and magnetic, functioning cubes. Appropriate for budding engineers, ages 8+.

ELENCO’s new look. Along with a new logo, packaging and re-branding, ELENCO launched a user-friendly website at with innovative areas for Kids and Educators to share ideas and show off SNAP CIRCUITS® projects, designs and ideas in a community setting. “We wanted our re-branding to give a nod to Snap Circuits® but also to encompass ELENCO’s future,” says Jim Cecchin, Elenco’s President. “As technology becomes a greater part of our lives, we want kids to have fun learning how technology can make a positive impact.”

WEmake™: Elenco will also showcase its D.I.Y.-line of educational kits and tools, WEmake.  Elenco has long promoted the do-it-yourself philosophy of the Maker Movement currently sweeping the nation. The WEmake™ line includes kits that teach soldering and other basic electronics concepts and skills, such as how radios and simple robots work.

About Elenco: For over 45 years, Elenco has provided educational/STEM products, along with hobby and test equipment to schools and consumers. Elenco has been family owned and operated since 1972, founded by Gil Cecchin, an electrical engineer who helped make color television accessible and affordable to consumers. Elenco is also the North American partner for world-renowned toy brands including Engino™ Construction, Edu-Toys™ and Tree of Knowledge™ Science Kits, OW™I Robot Kits, Timberkits™ and more.

Elenco will exhibit at New York Toy Fair -Booth #3063. Demo events 2/17-18, 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Visit or Elenco’s Toy Fair press kit.

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