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Gentle Giant Ltd. Expands to Include Gentle Giant Toys

BURBANK, CA (February 16, 2018) – Gentle Giant Ltd./3D Systems is excited to announce our new mass market collectible toy division Gentle Giant Toys.  Gentle Giant Ltd. have been known as an industry leader in the high-end collectibles market for almost 2 decades, and were pioneers in using digital scans and data to make collector consumer products.   Gentle Giant Toys is proud to announce the first seven new mass-market collectible toy lines!

Gentle Giant Toys is a new division branding itself independently from Gentle Giant Ltd. with a new logo, new website and new social media handles.  “These fun new, lines deserve a fun, new logo. The new logo tells a story and is more playful and approachable,” said Daniel Pickett, Marketing Manager for Gentle Giant Toys, “The Giant represents the company’s history and expertise in the world of authentic replication. The Butterfly is the embodiment of the artistic and innovative style ingrained into its consumer products.”

“We are excited at the prospect of taking our almost two decades of experience and applying the same care, craftsmanship and attention to detail to these lower price-point collectible toy lines: same way we treat our high-end resin pieces,” said , Dev Gilmore, Director of Creative and Licensing of Gentle Giant Ltd.

 “We’ve had a lot of fun making our 1:6th scale collectibles, life-size monuments and even larger than life pieces, but the great thing about digital sculpting is that the product can be any size! So, we are taking it down a few notches to be fun, compact and awesome so you can build new collections quickly, without having to look at adding a wing onto your house for them.” Said Ashly Powell Director of Product Development.

The first wave of product lines include:

Bust-Ups –One of our most popular lines returns for a new generation. Bust-Ups are pre-painted, snap together mystery model kits. You collect them, build them and display them!   These eye-catching miniature models allow you to re-create some of your favorite moments from the most successful science fiction and comic book franchises of all time!

Mini Heroes - Straight from the covers of Marvel Comics comes the Gentle Giant Toys’ line of Mini Heroes animated maquettes!  These mini statues feature fun, stylized versions of your favorite Marvel heroes and villains on a whimsical base environment!  Each character is taken from a 2-D comic book image and translated into adorable 3-D for your collection! 

Enamel Pins - The enamel pin craze has swept the planet and pop culture fandom is on the forefront of that trend. Gentle Giant Toys is beyond excited to step into this arena with – Star Wars! 

We are launching our enamel pin program with 2-D enamel pins representing vintage Star Wars figures!  Subsequent waves will feature current films and characters from movies such as The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi as well as looking back across over 40 years of the Star Wars Universe!

Super Stills – For our new PVC SuperStills line we are sticking close to our roots and changing the materials but not the care and attention to detail we pour into each bust.  we are extending that expertise to reach new audiences and find new collectors by making our highly detailed models more accessible for the mass market. Using high grade PVC we are translating the most iconic characters in entire Star Wars and Marvel universes into dynamic and affordable mass-market display pieces.

Micro Bobbles - The Marvel Universe just got a little more adorable with Gentle Giant’s new Marvel Micro-Bobbles line.  These stylized heroes from across the Marvel Universe are blind-bagged in a fun, new, original, bobble-head style.  Each bobble–head character features a suction cup that helps define their characteristic action. 

Tiny Tin Pocket Pails - The greatest heroes, villains, and creatures from every corner of the Star Wars and Marvel Universes have gathered to adorn the exterior of these delightful boxes, presented in both modern and retro styles.  These dynamic tin, hinged boxes contain a matching thermos shaped eraser pencil topper.  Each Tiny Tin is blind-boxed to ensure collectability!

Fleet Flyers - Boldly GO!... AND take your favorite ships from Starfleet with you!  From the runaway hit TV series Star Trek: Discovery comes Fleet Flyers!   Relive your favorite space battles or explore the outer reaches of the quadrant with these replica spacecraft that have appeared in the new season of Star Trek: Discovery.  Each vessel is sculpted using actual digital models from the show, capturing every detail of each unique ship!  Each ship comes packed with an articulated arm stand and suction cup so that can be attached to any smooth, flat surface!

Gentle Giant Toys will showcase these new lines at Toy Fair International in New York, February 17th-20th in booth 4211.

About Gentle Giant Toys

Gentle Giant Toys/3D Systems. (NYSE: DDD) is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of collectible toys and consumer products sold throughout the world, with its headquarters in Burbank, California. Gentle Giant Toys’ popular brands include Star Wars, Marvel and Star Trek and a wide range of entertainment-inspired products featuring premier licensed properties. Visit them at Follow on Instagram (@GentleGiantToys), Twitter (@GentleGiantToys) and Facebook (Gentle Giant Toys). More information at:


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