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February 18 – 21, 2018 – Jacob K. Javits Convention Center: Booth #2021

SANTA MONICA, Calif., February 17, 2018 – JAKKS Pacific, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAKK), a leading designer and marketer of children’s toys and consumer products, showcases its portfolio of 2018 toy and entertainment products at this year’s New York Toy Fair in New York City, February 18-21.

From a high-performance board and jumbo squishy toys, to competition-based bouncing balls and beloved licensed character toys, this year JAKKS reveals an impressive and innovative lineup.

For Active Play: Kids will love playing with toys that encourage them get up and moving. This year, JAKKS introduces a new and groundbreaking line that is sure to provide hours of extreme and active fun.

  • MorfBoard™ is the ultimate shape-shifting deck. The MorfBoard™ ecosystem encompasses super simple Lock & Release Technology (LRT) allowing kids to transform their play with a simple click. Kids can skate, ride, balance, or bounce with their high-performance boards and corresponding Xtensions. Countless options provide for hours of active play and extreme fun year round.  MorfBoard™ shape-shifting deck is recommended for kids ages eight and older, and is available for a retail price of $99.99.

Collectible Favorites: From squishy toys to Tsum Tsums, collectibles bring the elaborate worlds of kids’ favorite characters right to their fingertips. Kids will love to grow their favorite collections with this year’s irresistible lineup.

  • Squish-Dee-Lish™ brand brings an array of new designs and licenses to the original slow-rise squishy toys, with hundreds of new designs to collect. The expanded line now includes licensed properties, such as World of Nintendo® and Disney Tsum Tsum to add to the already successful Shopkins®, and introduces the first ever Wacky and Jumbo Series. Squish-Dee-Lish™ squishy toys are available at retail starting at $4.99, and are recommended for kids six and older.
  • JigglyDoos™ toys are small, soft, and squishy animal pals that love to jiggle, wiggle, and roll. Series No. 1 and No. 2 come in packs of two, and feature adorable characters ranging from bunnies to narwhals. The JigglyDoos™ Lounge Set provides a comfortable rocking couch and chair for the jiggly friends to relax, unwind, and wiggle a little. JigglyDoos™ toys are available for $3.99, and are recommended for kids age four and older.
  • Chicks with Wigs™ toys are a stylish and amusing new collectible that is sure to make kids giggle. With dozens to collect, Chicks with Wigs™ collectibles features a variety of chicks with different hairstyles, colors, eyes, and glasses.  The chicks feature rooted wigs that are styled into cute and spunky hairdos. Each stylish bird comes in a blind box for an added element of surprise. Chicks with Wigs™ toys will be available for $3.99 and are recommended for kids three years and older.

Hot Entertainment-Licensed Properties: With this year’s wide range of entertainment-inspired products featuring premier licensed properties, JAKKS has something for every fan, both big and small.

From Nickelodeon:

  • Nickelodeon: Shimmer and Shine™ Genie Babies™ are adorable baby dolls inspired by the hit animated preschool series. These babies have soft bodies and genie-inspired outfits, complete with glitter detailing. Kids can enjoy fun hair play with the dolls’ soft-rooted ponytails, and each doll comes with a matching jewel pacifier for nurture play. Shimmer and Shine™ Genie Babies™ will be available for $14.99, and are recommended for kids two years and older.


  • Sunny Day™ Glam Van™ Caddy is inspired by the animated preschool series Sunny Day centered on Sunny, a ten-year-old who is ready to save the day, one hairdo at a time. The caddy features lots of storage, and opens up to reveal a mirror and dozens of fun accessories. The Sunny Day™ Glam Van™ Caddy comes complete with 47 pieces, including a colored hair extension, 4 signature Sunny hair barrettes, 40+ nail stickers, and a bangle with stickers to decorate. The Sunny Day™ Glam Van Caddy will be available for $19.99, and is recommended for kids three years and older.
  • Nickelodeon Slime Burst Hat is the perfect contraption for two or more daring players ready to face slime head-on. Synonymous with Kids’ Choice Awards, Nickelodeon Slime always delivers fun and laughs. With this Slime Burst™ Hat, kids can fill up a balloon with slime, and take turns squeezing the bulb until someone gets slimed! The Slime Burst™ Hat includes one hat, four Slime packets (each 7.5 grams), a spinner, 48 balloons, one balloon filler nozzle, and a balloon clip. The Nickelodeon Slime BurstHat is available for $19.99 and is recommended for kids six and older.

From Disney and Pixar:

  • Disney Princess Playdate Rapunzel is 32-inches tall, and features full articulation at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and knees. She is styled in her signature purple dress, and has long, stunning, blonde hair that flows from her head to her ankles, as well as Royal Reflection™ Eyes. The doll comes with a brush, removable dress, shoes, and tiara. Disney Princess Playdate Rapunzel will be available for $59.99, and is recommended for kids three years and older.
  • Disney’s Tangled: Maximus is Rapunzel’s loyal friend. Maximus stands over 2-feet tall and is the perfect companion for any child or the Playdate Rapunzel doll. Children up to 150lbs will love to sit on Maximus and play out lots of adventures with all of his features. Maximus makes neighing and trotting sounds and his head can move up and down when his reigns are pulled. He can also hold his apple in his mouth and make “chomping” noises. Maximus comes with a hair brush and hair accessories to decorate his beautiful mane and tail for ultimate hair play. Maximus will be available for $99.99, and is recommended for kids three years and older.
  • Disney•Pixar Incredibles 2: Power Couple: Kids can launch Elastigirl into action using Mr. Incredible’s super strength. The Power Couple includes over 50 sounds and phrases.  Elastigirl stretches and can be launched up to 20 feet! The Power Couple also comes with three practice targets. The Power Couple will be available for $29.99, and is recommended for kids ages four and older.
  • Disney•Pixar Incredibles 2: Jack-Jack Attacks brings the humor and fun of the super-sequel to life. Kids can press on Jack-Jack’s tummy hear him laugh, giggle, babble, cry, and shout. Repeatedly pressing on Jack-Jack’s belly or pressing and holding Jack-Jack’s belly will result in Jack-Jack cycling through his “powers”. He will turn red to show off his fiery flames, flash yellow and create spark sounds to show off his electric sparks, and his eyes will glow blue to show his piercing laser power. Jack-Jack Attacks will be available for $14.99, and is recommended for kids ages four and older.
  • Shall We Be Fancy Talking Fancy Nancy Doll lets kids play out their favorite scenes from the television show. Kids can press the butterfly on the 18-inch doll’s necklace or the accompanying light-up butterfly bracelet to hear Nancy say 38 phrases and sing songs from the television series. The doll features nine points of articulation, and is dressed in Nancy’s signature outfit. Kids ages three and older will love the Fancy Nancy Interactive Friend Doll, which will be available for $49.99.


From Warner Bros. Consumer Products:

  • Harry Potter Wizard Training Wands let kids train like a true wizard. With 11 different spells for kids to learn and master using the included training guide, they will be casting spells before they know it. The wand recognizes movement to know when kids have cast their spells, and provides sound feedback that the spells have been cast correctly. Each wand includes five modes of play for endless spell casting alone or with a friend. The assortment includes Harry Potter’s wand, Albus Dumbledore’s wand, and Lord Voledemort’s wand. Harry Potter Wizard Training Wands will be available for $24.99, and are recommended for kids age eight and older.

From Nintendo®

  • WORLD OF NINTENDO® Mario Kart™ Motorcycle RC Racer lets kids control where Mario adventures next. Kids can control the 2.4 GHz remote control Mario Kart™ Motorcycle in standard mode or in “anti-gravity” mode for up to 100-feet. With a flick of a switch on the remote, the tires turn to the side – parallel to the floor – for an “anti-gravity” effect. This motorcycle racer can drive forward, backward, and side-to-side in the “anti-gravity” and race modes.  The Mario Kart™ Motorcycle RC Racer will be available for $39.99, and is recommended for kids ages five and older.


From Capcom®

  • 12-inch Deluxe Mega Man™ brings the adventures of the iconic Capcom® hero to life. This figure features lights and sounds and is fully articulated. The 12-inch Deluxe Mega Man™ comes in collector packaging and includes multiple accessories. The 12-inch Deluxe Mega Man™ will be available for $39.99 and is recommended for kids ages three and older.

Interactive Play and Games: JAKKS brings suspense, thrill, and laughter with its lineup of hot new interactive play and games. These games are sure to provide for hours of hilarious and entertaining play.

  • Pop-A-Zit!™  is the explosive new surprise game that capitalizes on the undeniable satisfaction of popping a zit! Appealing to fun and exciting gross gameplay, you never know when it’s going to pop. Roll the die, and squeeze the zit. Kids will love anticipating when it will pop. The game sprays party string or water. Pop-A-Zit! will be available for $19.99, and is recommended for kids ages four and older.
  • Toilet Paper Blaster™ Skid Shot™ 30 uses real toilet paper and blasts up to 30 feet for the ultimate toilet paper showdown. The Skid Shot™ 30 is easy to use: simply load the toilet paper, add water, lock, load, and blast! No batteries are required. Toilet Paper Blaster™ Skid Shot™ 30 will be available for $19.99 and is recommended for kids ages eight and older.
  • Master A Million™ is the million-bounce ball. This gratifying game includes an audio cable to connect the ball to any mobile device so that kids can download the free app and track each bounce. The app features a worldwide leaderboard for ranking. The ball includes a digital counter to track bounces up to a 1 million, and the LCD screen will display three different milestones and 15 different encouraging messages. The balls currently come in blue, yellow, red, and green. Master A Million™ will be available for $12.99, and is recommended for kids ages 5 and older.

Vehicles: This year, JAKKS expands its exciting portfolio of toys with wheels. This category of toys provide kids with the opportunity to engage in an array of play patterns including “action” based play, push play, and remote control play. 

  • Real Workin’ Buddies™ Mr. Banks™ Armored Bank Truck is an educational and exciting vehicle that teaches kids the fun and value of saving. Mr. Banks™ truck features a motorized mouth for speaking, and for depositing bills. Inserted coins are counted and visibly sorted on the side of the truck. Real Workin’ Buddies™ Mr. Banks™ Armored Bank Truck will be available for $39.99, and is recommended for kids ages three and older.
  • Amplifiers™ Stunt Set features multiple layouts with six modular pieces, great for tricks, stunts, and jumps. The Amplifiers™ Stunt Set is compatible with all three vehicle types, including skate, moto, or scooter. Kids ages four and older will love the Amplifiers™ Stunt Set, and it will be available for $19.99.

About Warner Bros. Consumer Products
Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP), a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, extends the Studio’s powerful portfolio of entertainment brands and franchises into the lives of fans around the world.  WBCP partners with best-in-class licensees globally on an award-winning range of toys, fashion, home décor, and publishing inspired by franchises and properties such as DC, J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, Looney Tunes and Hanna-Barbera. The division’s successful global themed entertainment business includes groundbreaking experiences such as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi (opening 2018). With innovative global licensing and merchandising programs, retail initiatives, promotional partnerships and themed experiences, WBCP is one of the leading licensing and retail merchandising organizations in the world.

About JAKKS Pacific, Inc.
JAKKS Pacific, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAKK) is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of toys and consumer products sold throughout the world, with its headquarters in Santa Monica, California.  JAKKS Pacific’s popular proprietary brands include BIG-FIGS™, XPV®, Max Tow™ and Friends, Disguise®, Moose Mountain®, Funnoodle®, Maui®, Kids Only!®; a wide range of entertainment-inspired products featuring premier licensed properties; and C’est Moi™, a skincare and performance makeup brand.   Through JAKKS Cares, the company’s commitment to philanthropy, JAKKS is helping to make a positive impact on the lives of children.  Visit us at and follow us on Instagram (@jakkstoys), Twitter (@jakkstoys) and Facebook (JAKKS Pacific).

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