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Improving Lives… One Hammock At a Time

For over 25 years, LA SIESTA has been the premier global hammock manufacturer, specializing in the development, marketing and distribution of hammocks and hammock chairs. Founded in 1991 as a humble, family business operating out of a garage in Germany, LA SIESTA is now the wordwide leader in hammocks, offerring the widest, most diverse line of hammocks on the market and operating in over 50 countries, with offices in Germany, Spain, and Miami.

At LA SIESTA, hammocks are more than just a product or a place to lay—they're a way of life. We truly believe that laying in a hammock even for just a few minutes a day significantly improves your quality of life. In today's fast-paced, digitally-connected, always-on world, you can never have too many excuses to steal a moment of peace.

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