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LearnPlay’s Story
Located in Los Angeles, CA, next to toy industry giants, LearnPlay is a small startup that aspires to be known for innovative educational toys and games. We focus on curating and creating the best experiences for
both kids and parents. Each toy is geared to provide a fun and engaging playtime while teaching valuable lessons about the world. We offer meaningful alternatives that will bring parents and their children together in a time when computer screens and devices are becoming ever present.

The Halftoys Line
LearnPlay Inc. is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Halftoys in the United States and Canada. Halftoys products are patented and recognized for their minimalist and cute design coupled with their robust technical structure. Their unique traits elevate puzzle toys to the next level.  The world of Halftoys is bustling with all sorts of curious creatures. You will find HalfDinos, HalfAnimals, HalfOceans, HalfPets, HalfMonsters, and HalfDrives. The world of Halftoys will soon be welcoming the HalfDetail and HalfMecha series too, complete with organs and mechanical moving parts respectively. The Halftoys family is truly endless and ever-growing.

We are confident that the Halftoys collection will be a hit with kids around the world!

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