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Magnetykes LLC Launches Children's Magnetic Toy.

Magnetykes, an educational magnetic product line for children is making it's way into the industry at the New York toy fair February 17-20,2018.

Magnetykes goal is to educate kids about the amazing power of magnetism in a fun way.

Magnetykes has three characters so far: Cobalt, Lodestone, and Magnesia. Each set comes with its own magnetic figure, vehicle and wrench and a shiny piece of sheet metal so children can hang their Magnetykes on the wall for safe keeping. In addition, consumers will receive a fun and entertaining comic book about how the Magnetykes came to be.

With two Dr. Toy Awards, Magnetykes is sure to make a hit at this years Toy Fair. "Dr. Stevanne Auerbach has been for many years one of the nation's and world's leading experts on play toys, and children's products so it is a great honor to receive an award from her." said Scott Adams, Inventor and CEO of Magnetykes.

For more information on Magnetykes, visit and stop by Booth # 4514 at the Toy Fair, Freshman row.

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