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Mand Labs helps STEM take a quantum leap through its DIY kit
Gears up to be a part of New York Toy Fair 2018

Phoenix, AZ, February 13, 2018: Mand Labs, a science and engineering learning startup, is on a mission to help American kids learn, create and hack electronics, besides empowering them to get interested into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through its innovative DIY Electronics kit.

Physics is considered to be the core of several professions, including engineering, healthcare, architecture among others. And for students who wish to pursue STEM subjects in college, physics is all but a necessity.

However, based on a Cornell University study, 52 percent of high schools in New York do not even offer physics. Also, data from the US Department of Education’s office for civil rights reveals that only 2 out of 5 schools offer physics across the country. The numbers are worse in some states. For instance, in Oklahoma and Alaska about 70 percent of high schools don’t offer the course. Followed closely by Utah and Florida, with about 60 percent.

Even if schools chose to offer the course, visualizing physics concepts could be a daunting task for anyone - be it students or teachers. Unfortunately, classroom learning is more theoretical and rote. Students find “theory” boring, and thereby lose interest in interesting subjects like physics or science in general. Outside school, it is hard to find quality self-educational experimentation kits or technical toys that can provide objective learning and rich content. Most existing hobby kits or toys focus on one-time assembly  of models or projects using pre-fabricated parts, but fail to explain the scientifics - whats, whys and hows behind the projects.

“Children are natural-born tinkerers and doers. We need to empower them with inspiring tools and personal space to be “trusted” so that they can learn intuitively on their own through vivid experimentation and observation. How do you learn cycling? By doing it! Similarly, you learn science or physics by simply doing it,” says Gurpawan Mand, CEO and founder of Mand Labs.

This is where Mand Labs KIT-1 comes into play - a pure DIY learning-by-doing kit for electrical science and electronics. The kit provides with everything in-one-place: components and tools, a portable carry case, workstation, guide books, learning videos, troubleshooting instructions, a flash drive with digital curriculum and technical support.

“KIT-1 is your kids’ personal lab to learn, create and hack electronics. The kit empowers kids to build a range of cool projects on their own through visual step-by-step instructions, learn from observations, and have confidence to make mistakes on the go.

You should see the impression on kids’ faces the moment they glow their first LEDs or beep their first buzzers. The joy and feeling of having completed a circuit is simply ecstatic, ” says Mr.  Mand.

Did you know that the number of students taking the AP physics nearly doubled between 2014 and 2015? The College Board, the non-profit that administers the AP program, represents the largest annual growth in any AP course in history.

Taking its mission forward, Mand Labs is upbeat to debut at the New York Toy Fair in February. During the four-day fair starting from February 17-20, it hopes to attract children, DIY enthusiasts, makers, parents, students, educators and anyone interested to experience the magic of electrons and physics through demonstration of real world projects built using KIT-1.

“If you ever wanted to do electronics, hardware and understand how technology works, KIT-1 is all you need for a real kickstart. KIT-1 will let you quickly assemble any circuit on the breadboard using the step-by-step visual instructions and allow you to build projects in less than 30 minutes. The instructions in the interactive videos and guide books empower you to self-learn at your own pace and enjoy the process of building 60+ projects from start to finish,” adds Mr. Mand. 

Some of the interesting projects that will be on demo at the fair include: Controlling home lights using a clap, casino game lucky 7, IR security alarm system, temperature sensor, automatic night lamp among many others.

You can catch Mand Labs in action at stall # 5959 at the New York Toy Fair 2018.

About Mand Labs

Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, Mand Labs is a science and engineering learning startup, founded by Gurpawan Mand in 2016. With a mission to make STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning more fun, hands-on and interactive through innovative do-it-yourself (DIY) learning kits and practical curriculum, Mand Labs aspires to make students independent makers and creative tinkerers.    

It’s flagship product, Mand Labs KIT-1, is one of its kind and comes with comprehensive digital learning curriculum on electrical, electronics and semiconductors in physics. It was launched on Amazon in May 2016. Mand Labs has successfully raised its first series of funding from the Goose Society of Texas, which is “by invitation only” group of 13 successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists dedicated to funding early stage start-ups and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs.

Founded by legendary silicon valley capitalist Dr. Jack Gill, the GOOSE Society group members include names such as Rod Canion (Founder and Former CEO of Compaq), Michael Holthouse (Founder of a computer company that was later sold to Sprint), Arthur Ciocca (Chairman of The Wine Group, world’s largest wine producer and distributor), Terry Giles (a California attorney and business owner), and Leo Linbeck (President and CEO of Aquinas Corp., parent company to commercial construction companies).

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