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Since 1980, OWIkits and RobotiKits are synonymous with robotics kits, science kits, eco-friendly products, salt water fuel cell kits, solar technology, hydraulic arms, and aluminum bug and dinosaur kits. A favorite with schools, museums, science clubs, camps and parents. The  kits have a companion educational curriculum. OWI will introduce 4 new items: Magnetic Levitation Express, Solar Wild Boar, Detective BugSee, and Captain ROAM-E-O.

News Releases
Mar 6, 2017

Thank you for visiting us at the New York Toy Fair. We were excited to showcase our latest products that augment the Fun Factor, that are cool and not found everywhere. Our versatile selection has...

Feb 15, 2017

Navigating planet Earth on two legs or less is a humanistic challenge. After failing to find love on Mars, OWI’s CAPTAIN ROAM-E-O has landed on our native soil to show us its roving glory.

Feb 8, 2017

Full of investigative curiosity, OWI’s Detective BugSee will march its way seeking valuable clues when activated by the power of the sun

Jan 18, 2017

In rural settings, people are urged not to leave rubbish to easy access of wild boars, but OWI’s Solar Wild Boar is a fun-loving solar kit that smiles as it klippy-klocks around any mess.

Dec 14, 2016

Empower your children with the knowledge to make our world a better place to live. With that concept, OWI has fabricated an intricate magnetic levitation train kit to engage curiosity and awareness.

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