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It’s a Pillow, It’s a Pet, It’s a Pillow Pet.

Launched in 2003, our original Pillow Pets became collectible, snuggly favorites for everyone.  This year, Sunny Sloth and Lovable Llama join the line-up. From Wookiees to Sponges, we introduce characters from 2020’s top family entertainment including Star Wars, Trolls 2, Minions 2, SpongeBob and Frozen 2.

Naturally Comfy Pillow Pets, with their gray and white tones, are on-trend baby gifts. Pillow Pets coordinate with many bedding themes from whimsical unicorns and dinosaurs to How to Train Your Dragon and Disney Classic characters.  Fans of all ages will love the collectible new Chewbacca and SpongeBob Pillow Pets.

It’s a pillow, a stuffed animal, and a lifelong friend!

“They're not kidding when they say they last they're cute and their useful. I'm in college and I sleep with mine every night.”

“Perfect for kids of all ages! Affordable and most definitely worth it for a birthday or quick Christmas gift.”