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25a Gallery Vyner Street
London, England E2 9DG
United Kingdom
Company Contact
Adriana Goldenberg
Communications Officer
Company Contact
Joachim Horn
Founder and CEO
+4420 3828 6281

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SAM Labs (Booth #4408) is an award-winning startup East London. We make app-enabled construction toys for kids (of all ages): SAM.

SAM is like LEGO® of the future, making machine logic fun. SAM combines an app and wireless hardware blocks to teach kids of all ages, genders, races and ability levels to unleash their inventive potential through play. Each SAM Block has a unique skill: a button, light, motor and more, and uses Bluetooth to connect to the SAM app and to each other. With SAM, create anything from a Twitter-powered car to a motion-activated light sabre!