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For over forty years, Schylling, Inc. has specialized in award-winning timeless toys. We started out making delightful playthings from a bygone era and over time, we’ve built a distinctive collection of innovative gifts and traditional toys with nostalgic appeal for all ages. Schylling works to create the future in toys by captivating new designs and intriguing refreshes and innovations of toys from the past. Schylling is the world leader in the manufacture of Jack-in-the-Box toys and tin Kaleidoscopes and creates toys that not only let a child’s imagination flourish, but also establish themselves as playroom heirlooms.

News Releases
Feb 14, 2017

Schylling Inc. launches the latest from nanoblock - the original micro-sized building sets and papernano - micro-detailed, paper building sets. nanoblock is an extremely small building block that is just half the size of a standard block. The smallest part is a mere 4x4mm! nanoblock has micro-sized precision in its building sets. The blocks have a double-ridged backing system for a perfect fit! nanoblock is a stimulating and entertaining hobby for adults, teens, as well as for children 8 and up. nanoblock’s smaller parts make it possible to create projects with more detail than with standard size blocks.

Feb 9, 2017

Schylling Inc. announced the launch of a completely new line of magic kits, under the Magic Rabbit ™ brand. The line includes three 15 Trick Sets, a 75 Trick Jumbo Set, a 150 Trick Deluxe Magic Hat Set and, the Mysterious Levitating Wand.

Feb 9, 2017

Turbospoke is unveiling a cool new look and new features for 2017. Fueled by a series of toy industry and parent awards, record-breaking YouTube views and best seller status, Turbospoke unveils its brand-new look Bicycle Exhaust System with the help of long term distributor Schylling Inc. at the 2017 New York Toy Fair.

Jan 31, 2017

Schylling Inc. announced the launch of many exciting new items for 2017. Among them are three immediate tin toy favorites: Polka Puppy Dancing Jack-in-the-Box, Atomic Sparking Ray Gun, and Story Book tin Nesting Dolls.

Jan 30, 2017

Schylling Inc. has announced that it will be the exclusive distributor for Tiger Tribe products for North America. Tiger Tribe is a world leader in creating compact and portable activity sets with quality content that encourages little ‘tigers’ to go on imaginative journeys.

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