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Fix Rick's Battery, Check Morty, and Call on Mr. Meeseeks with USAopoly’s Upcoming Rick and Morty™ Games

USAopoly® has even more ways in store for Rick and Morty fans to get shwifty this summer with its spin on classic games that bring “peace among worlds!” Characters from the award-winning Adult Swim series pack an exciting new lineup for players to stack, shake, and strategize their way through games designed to commemorate their favorite Rick and Morty moments.

Try and relax as you nimbly rearrange the Microverse in JENGA®: Rick's Battery Edition! Rick's ship's battery is on the fritz. Take turns removing and replacing 54 tri-colored wooden blocks representing the Microverse, Miniverse, and Teenyverse according to directives to stack up the battery without making it topple like an off-balance grandfather (so we hear).

YAHTZEE®: Rick and Morty™ Meeseeks Edition lets you employ the eager-to-please martyr for a spherical version of the classic Shake, Score, and Shout dice game. Use the Mr. Meeseeks dice cup to shake out five custom dice featuring Rick, Morty, Summer, Jerry, Beth, and Rick's Portal. Make sure to keep track of your points on the Mr. Meeseeks score pad or he won't go away and it'll get weird.

Wannabe subjects to the Council of Ricks can back royalty of an animated kind with the Rick and Morty™ Collector's Chess Set. Custom sculpted figurines of Rick Sanchez, the Smith Family, and other characters from every dimension stand in as 32 Chess pieces.

Which upcoming Rick and Morty offering would you spend your schmeckles on? Let us know in the comments and follow The OP's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for further details!

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