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Canal Toys Launches So Sand DIY™ and Combines Two Top Trends, DIY and ASMR, For Unique Sensory Play
A First-Of-Its-Kind Brand Dedicated to the ASMR Phenomenon

Westborough, MA (February 17, 2020) – Canal Toys announces the official launch of So Sand DIY™. From Canal Toys’ So DIY™ brand, the new line is the first do-it-yourself moldable sand kit.

Canal Toys is combining two top trends, DIY and ASMR, to create this uniquely satisfying yet fun craft kit. Each kit includes everything needed to create the sand in just a few simple steps. Children can simply mix the provided colored powder, sand, and glitter! Each kit is designed for creating satisfying ASMR effects in the sand by providing a textured storage container and tool. The launch of So Sand DIY™ follows the rising online ASMR and compound trends. Not only does the brand provide fun and entertainment, the satisfying sand can awaken and soothe the senses.

The So Sand DIY™ range includes kits in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles designed to create over 30 different sensory experiences. Products inspired by the ASMR phenomenon are the newest addition to the sensory toy category. “Canal Toys strives to develop products that are fun and relevant,” says Bill Uzell, President and CEO of Canal Toys USA Ltd, “So Sand DIY™ is not only on-trend, but is also designed to optimize the benefits of sensory play.”

So Sand DIY™ kits are scheduled for retail sale in February 2020.


About Canal Toys 
Canal toys is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of activity toys. A leader in the arts & crafts segment, Canal Toys has a growing international presence through offices in France, USA, England, Spain, and Asia, and products sold in more than 40 territories. With a diversified portfolio of craft kits, toys, and entertainment products, Canal Toys’ brands inspire creativity and individuality among children of all ages

Gianna Costello
Public Relations Manager
Canal Toys USA Ltd