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Watchitude® was founded by brothers Albert and Daniel Hakim who have taken the watch industry by storm with their vibrant, stunning and artistic slap and snap watches.

From popular superstar & Nickelodeon celebrity JoJo Siwa to the intricate designs of the globally famous tokidoki design, the Watchitude collection has a entire collection of stunning watches that will suit everyone’s personality and bring out the hidden creative side of those who wear it.

The Watchitude brand includes 100 plus amazing and stunning designs currently available in fun, lively and beautiful patterns which include holiday themes, sports, adventure, fashion and trendy styles. There is a slap and snap watch for every personality, making it the perfect gift for anyone and a true collectible! Choose from an array of limited edition, brightly colored designs and lively prints that will express your personalty with a bit of attitude. It’s also a fun accessory you can swim and play with, and durable enough to keep up with the kids’ busy and very eventful lifestyles. 

Watchitude has also been a great way for parents to teach their kids how to tell time (and the importance of being on time!) and often creates a special bonding relationship between parent and children. For more information, visit

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