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Sky Is the Limit for Celestial Buddies
More Products Planned and Multiple Accolades for Planetary Pals

New York, NY - (February 20, 2020) – Celestial Buddies eclipsed all of its previous years’ sales in 2019 and comes to The 2020 International Toy Fair in New York with its largest and most elaborate product showcase ever.

With a collection of 15 uniquely designed, multi-award-winning educational plush pals, as well as a new approach to  environmental messaging through apparel, Celestial Buddies is poised for out-of-this-world expansion and distribution.

Evidence of the company’s dramatic expansion last year came first with the decision by SpaceX’s Elon Musk to send Celestial Buddies Earth to the International Space Station in March, followed by multiple honors and awards, and highlighted by Celestial Buddies’ President and Creator, Jessie Silbert, now having been named a Finalist for the Women In Toys Rising Star Award.

As Elon Musk said at a post-launch press conference, “I think for members of the public, the real fun thing will be seeing the little Celestial Buddy, little tiny Earth, humanoid Earth thing, floating around in zero-g. I think the public will be most excited about that." He was right!  Little Earth was an immediate social media sensation on the voyage, making it “The Most Famous Toy in the Universe.” 

A “science geek” trained as a fashion designer, Silbert is a meticulous and detailed quality control expert of fabric, texture, stuffing density, and the facial expression and personality of each and every one of the Celestial Buddies. Through both careful selection of fabrics and decisions regarding size, shape and features, Silbert designs each Buddy to stay true to its unique characteristics in order to create an artistic and educational interpretation of each celestial body. “Our aim is both to delight and enlighten.”

“My ambition is to create products that will engage children and inspire that natural curiosity about the universe around them,” Silbert explained. “I saw a need for a product line about astronomy, and specifically the solar system, where children could have a personal connection and have fun while discovering and exploring their interests.”

At this year’s Toy Fair, Celestial Buddies is augmenting its line of plush with an eco-friendly Earth T-shirt that calls attention to the need to protect Our Precious Planet.  What’s next?  As Founder and Designer Jessie Silbert says, “The Sky’s the Limit!”

Please visit us in Booth 6117.

About Celestial Buddies:

The Celestial Buddies collection now includes 15 different plush educational toys, including a Black Hole bag that carries all of the Buddies, and a new environmental-message Celestial Buddies T-shirt. Their products are sold around the world in museums, gift shops, science centers, planetariums, and specialty stores in North America, Europe and Australia as well as online. For more information, visit and interact with the company on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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