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Griddly Games “Just Adds” Two More Ingredients To Its Signature STEAM Line
Just Add Baking Soda and Just Add Fruits & Veggies

Vancouver, BC - (February 21, 2020) – Griddly Games gets ready to add new ingredients to its signature “Just Add ______” STEAM line, it’s most successful product series. 

Adding to the surging egg-cellence of its latest kit, Just Add Egg, which was “just add”-ed to store shelves in November 2019, Griddly Games is now stirring up new ingredients for its STEAM kit line.

Toy Fair 2020 will see the sixth and seventh new products “Just Add”-ed.

This time, old fruit or vegetables get recycled into experiments and crafts. When you Just Add Fruits and Veggies (MSRP $21.95 for ages 8 and up) you can “produce” a crop of crafts as you “harvest” instructions for several new experiments.

In Just Add Baking Soda (MSRP $25.95 for ages 8 and up), Griddly Games offers some new and different explosively fun experiments that burst into super cool crafts.

The new kits join a cornerstone line that already includes the multi-award-winning STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) kits: Just Add Milk, Just Add Sun, Just Add Glue, Just Add Sugar and Just Add Egg.

Reisa Schwartzman, founder and president of Griddly Games, said, “Expanding off of our Just Add (blank) science and craft activity kits, we continue to develop more activity products that encourage and engage children, boys and girls, about the fun and interest in science."

In addition to its STEAM kits, Griddly Games' family of products includes its top selling games, Rocket Lander, Wise Alec™, Wise Alec™ Junior, Wise Alec™ Expansion Packs (Body Works, Bright Ideas, Civilize This, Nature Nuts, and Sports Buffs), Oversight, Rainbows and Storms, Words of the Wise and Chronicles of the Mind.

About Griddly Games: We are the creators, manufacturers and marketers of original games and activity kits that are designed for the entire "grid" of people. Our mission is to inspire creativity, imagination, out-of-the-box learning, healthy living and lively interaction through the fun of games and activities. Our multi-award-winning line of STEAM (Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Math) activity kits and STEM games continues to "Just Add" more and more new "ingredients" that cultivate natural curiosities and memorable experiences. All of our products inspire and engage people in a lifetime of play and learning about themselves and their limitless capabilities. The company, based in Richmond, near Vancouver, British Columbia, was founded in 2007 by Reisa Schwartzman, a mother of three boys, who took it upon herself to deliver wholesome family fun that multiple ages could enjoy at once. Griddly Games’ instills a strict company philosophy to encourage social interaction, learning, strategy and challenges that anyone (from across the grid) can enjoy.  To discover more about Griddly Games, visit and get all of the most up-to-date, immediate information by interacting with the company on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.