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Introduction of New Lines and Innovative Products for Active Play, Bubbles, Junior Sports, Outdoor and Novelty Toys

Los Angeles, February 12, 2019 - Imperial Toy®, the global leader in licensed and non-licensed bubbles, junior sports, outdoor and novelty toys will mark its 50th Anniversary at Toy Fair 2019. A company founded on fun in 1969, Imperial Toy is thrilled to celebrate this milestone with the toy industry and will showcase more than 100 products featuring the latest in innovation and play at NYTF 2019.

Booth #743 is a celebration of Imperial highlighting the classic toys Imperial continues to produce as well as featuring new lines. From the classic Teeny Bouncer high bounce balls and bubbles to new compounds and kids cosmetics, each product is created to spark imagination and appeals to kids of all ages. The experiential based booth includes interactive displays and brand experiences for Blitz™ Bubbles, Lick-A-Bubble™, Kiddy Up™, Googly™, Zooma™ Sports and Funky Farm®.

Here are some highlights of the latest and greatest products which Imperial Toy will feature:

  • Scentables®: Building on both the beauty and food inspired product trend, this fruit scented play make-up and accessory collection is perfect for young girls. With fruit inspired colors, designs and shapes, it’s just so juicy and sweet.  
  • Power Poppers Inflatable Swords: It’s the perfect pop up toy! Grab a Power Popper, smash the packet and inflate. Each Power Popper will self-inflate in seconds. 
  • Lick-A-Bubble: Edible bubbles! Lick-A-Bubble is the world’s first proprietary bubble solution that has kids of all ages lining up to create their own flavored bubbles. Simply add your beverage of choice, blow bubbles, and instantly have delicious, “lickable” bubbles that are fun for everyone. “Lick a bubble” at the NYTF Lick-A-Bubble Bar!  
  • Blitz Bubbles and Blitz Light-Up Bubble Blaster: Blitz Bubbles, the premium bubbles that float higher and last longer, are a true classic! And, one of the top bubble toys is the Blitz Light-Up Bubble Blaster. This high-performance motorized bubble blaster, with LED lights shoots, streams of bubbles for endless play. Photo opportunity: Blitz Bubble Wall.
  • Funky Farm: A new collection of colorful, squeezable rubber animals is making some serious noise.
  • Googly: This squishy ball can be bounced, tossed, shaken, squeezed, and more. A bestseller, Googly items are tactile input sensory toys and support development. Photo opportunity: Massive Googly Heart Installation.
  • Kiddy Up: The colorful pit balls are soft, but tough to withstand all sorts of play! The best in class item is made with a crush resistant design and have a diameter of 2.5”. Play Balls enhance sensory learning, through hands-on activities that stimulate children's senses.

 “As we celebrate 50 years of fun, Imperial Toy is excited to continue to create and innovate with best in class products for children everywhere. Our company strives to deliver a portfolio of products and brands based on our core values that connect with children and families, and offer the highest standards in product,” said Peter Tiger, CEO of Imperial Toy. “We see the future of toys built on the values of the past, and we look forward to showcasing our new line in New York focused on active play, creativity and imagination.”  

Visit Imperial Toy at New York Toy Fair booth #743.

About Imperial Toy
Founded in 1969, Imperial Toy is the global leader of licensed and non-licensed kids’ bubbles, seasonal products and novelty toys. Built on the mission to be First in Fun, brands include Blitz™, Super Miracle Bubbles®, Miracle Bubbles®, Kaos®, Lick-A-Bubble™, KiddyUp™, Zooma™ Sports, Googly™ and D-Lectables™. Imperial distributes products in over 75 countries worldwide, has offices in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Modena, Italy, and distribution centers in Mexico and San Diego. For more information please visit

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