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KD Kids Launches Rescue Runts Babies and Rescue Runts Series 2: Help Me Heal
More Plush Pets to Rescue, Groom, and Love at Toy Fair, KD Group’s Booth #5929, February 16-19 at the Javits Center in New York City

February 16, 2019 – New York, NY – More Rescue Runts are looking for homes to call their own! Today, KD Kids announced the expansion of their best-selling Rescue Runts line with the arrival of Rescue Runts Babies, the latest collectible set of adoptable, mini plush animals, and Rescue Runts Series 2: Help Me Heal, the newest series of plush pets that need EXTRA love and care.

Attendees of Toy Fair can stop by the KD Group booth (#5929) this week to discover the newest plush pets from Rescue Runts waiting to be adopted!

“The Rescue Runts line was a top-selling pre-school item for holiday last year because kids and parents alike loved the caring and nurturing play pattern. We received lots of incredible feedback from the animal rescue community as well,” said Eric Levin, Strategic Director, KD Group. “Our Rescue Runts Babies continue the rescue pet fun, but in mini-size. We’re excited about the clever packaging that reduces waste and incorporates a reusable crate into play. This year’s updates to Rescue Runts for Series 2 will give kids a chance to shower their pet with even more love and care as they help them heal.”

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Expansion of the best-selling Rescue Runts line includes:

Rescue Runts Babies are adoptable mini plush pets that you rescue, groom, collect, and love! The four-inch dogs, cats, wild animals and mythical creatures arrive in plastic crates in need of some love and care – pluck out their “fleas,” brush their messy fur, and tie the ribbon collar on to transform them from ragged runt to perfect pet!

The reusable, convertible crate offers so many ways to play: slide the interlocking walls of the crate to turn it into a bed, cubby, carrier, or house for your new pet. Decorate with the included stickers to turn the house into a home.

The first series of Rescue Runts Babies includes 20+ styles to collect! Each Rescue Runts Babies plush is sold separately and includes a convertible crate, three fleas, brush, ribbon (use as collar, bow or carrier handle), and stickers. MSRP $9.99, Ages 3+, Available now at Walmart.

Rescue Runts Series 2: Help Me Heal need EXTRA love and care to nurse them back to health. The seven-inch plush pets come with matted fur full of fleas, dirty paws, boo-boos, tears in their eyes, and downturned ears. Each pet comes with new healing accessories like a cone or cast to decorate and re-usable band-aids and bandages.

Use the included care checklist and grooming kit to heal your Rescue Runt: pluck out the “fleas,” remove their cast, cone, or band-aids, clean their dirty paws, wipe away their tears, and brush their messy fur. Search carefully through their fur to find the hidden tick and pull it out! Perk up their ears to complete the transformation from ragged runt to perfect pet! Choose a name and write it on the collar and adoption certificate to make the adoption official.

Each Rescue Runts Series 2 plush includes a grooming kit (brush, collar, and towel), healing accessories (cone, cast, or band-aids), tear stickers, re-attachable fleas and tick, adoption certificate, and care checklist. Rescue Runts Series 2 includes seven styles to collect: two cats, four dogs, and a limited-edition Unicorn. MSRP $19.99, Ages 3+, Available Fall 2019.

About KD Kids

KD Kids is a division of KD Group, based in Lyon, France. The company has been making innovative kids toys for more than 20 years, working with mass and specialty retailers in more than 20 countries around the world. KD’s in-house team of product engineers, scientists and educators is focused on creating products with huge play value that incorporate cutting-edge technologies into learning and childhood development. KD Group is well-known for its best-selling Kurio line of kid-safe electronics. For more information about KD Kids, visit Follow KD Kids on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @KDKidsUSA.

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