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P.F. Shaggy™ Launches Rule Crazy™, a Multi-Award-Winning Board Game to Inspire Budding Readers
Addresses Lack of Reading-Based Tabletop Games for Kids Ages 5-6 in Midst of National Literacy Challenge
Stop by Booth #4203 at Toy Fair 2017 to Learn What Inspired Rule Crazy’s Father and 6-Year-Old Daughter Design Team

Playa del Rey, CA (February 8, 2017) – P.F. Shaggy, publisher of quality children’s games, is presenting a new multi-award-winning board game, Rule Crazy, Starter Edition, at Toy Fair 2017, Feb. 18-21 at booth #4203.

Designed to span ages 5-8 (grades K-2), Rule Crazy helps children build sentence-reading skills thanks to outrageous vocabulary and imagery, and a mainstream board game format. Rule Crazy also sneakily incorporates 72 sight words to help children master those more challenging, frequently-used words in early reading materials.

In Rule Crazy, kids create silly sentences (crazy rules) from cards in the game tray. Mystery Cards, at the back of the tray, offer alternative word choices to change up their sentences. After sharing completed sentences and having a good laugh, children move their tokens forward toward the Win space. Kids must watch out for Wild Cards though, as they turn up randomly to move them ahead and back!

Rule Crazy, Starter Edition, was released in 2016 by P.F. Shaggy founder, Shahin Orci, and his 6-year-old daughter CFO (Chief Fun Officer), Sabrina, to help address the literacy challenge students often face by the fourth grade, and to deliver the healthy balance of laughs and learning sought by today’s younger millennial families.

According to a Reading is Fundamental (RIF) literacy fact sheet, “The first three years of schooling are a critical time to learn the basic skills needed to tackle a more advanced curriculum, yet many who enter fourth grade struggle with reading.” In 2015, the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) reading test found that a staggering sixty-four percent of all U.S. fourth graders scored “below proficient”.

Currently, STEM and STEAM-based games are in great demand. However, the makers of Rule Crazy believe that there is another brain-boosting category that must not be forgotten by the board game industry: Reading. Mass market retail shelves today are especially lacking reading-based games for ages 5-6.

“Sabrina and I created Rule Crazy because we were challenged to find hilarious games on-shelf suitable for 5 and 6-year-olds trying to build their reading confidence. There was a gap there, and we realized that other families were also searching,” Orci said. “With the astounding literacy challenge that still faces our country, we must do everything possible to engage and inspire our youngest readers.”

Rule Crazy adapts to beginners, advanced readers, and teachers and their classrooms.

In the future, reading card expansion packs will deliver grade-specific vocabulary, popular themes (i.e., fairies/princesses, monsters/cars), and even licensing opportunities.

“One of our big Toy Fair priorities is to build retail relationships and place Rule Crazy into popular chain stores. Businesses will benefit from interested parents and so will many children across the United States who will be inspired, and build their reading confidence,” Orci said. “We want to be part of the literacy solution and are excited about the partnerships that will make that a reality.”

For more information, visit our Toy Fair 2017 online press kit or visit Shahin at booth # 4203.

About P.F. Shaggy

P.F. Shaggy is a proud publisher of quality children’s games designed to deliver the ideal balance of laughs and learning. All products are thoughtfully crafted with today’s families in mind.

P.F. Shaggy’s Rule Crazy, Starter Edition, won five industry awards in its launch year (2016):

  • The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
  • Family Choice Award
  • Parents’ Choice Approved Award
  • PAL Award
  • Tillywig Toy Award (Brain Child)

More details about Rule Crazy, including where to purchase, can be found by visiting: Follow P.F. Shaggy on twitter @PFShaggy.


For further information: Shahin Orci, P.F. Shaggy, (310) 487-6656,