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Planes, Canoes and Toys-to-go Fuel Imagination with BRIO’s New Play Sets and Classic Toys for 2018
Generations of Families Have Grown Up Playing with BRIO Toys, Creating Happy Childhood Memories and Encouraging Quality and Creative Play Time Away from Screens

Newton, NH (February 17, 2018) – Toy Fair Booth #2107 – BRIO®, the Swedish maker of classic, high-quality toys and a member of the Ravensburger North America Family of Brands, today at Toy Fair in New York, debuted several new play sets and toys designed to spark imaginative play and stand the test of time. From experiencing fun camping adventures, to manning the control tower of an airport, to mastering the labyrinth, BRIO continues to deliver the magic of free-form play and encourages young children to explore and create without limitations and away from screens.

“For more than 130 years, BRIO toys have helped to create happy childhood memories with high quality products that become treasures for future generations,” said Filip Francke, CEO of Ravensburger North America / BRIO. “In an increasingly digital world, where kids spend so many hours with screen-time, BRIO toys are more relevant than ever, inspiring children to create their own stories with unlimited possibilities that only come with open-ended play.”

BRIO is a global leader in premium quality toys for children 0-5 years, and this year, builds on their line of classic playtime favorites with these new additions:

BRIO Camping Set

Adventure to the great outdoors any time of year with the BRIO Camping Set. So many little details make this new addition to the “My Home Town” set even more fun as children create their own camping escapades - from a car and camping trailer that gently connect, to a canoe that fits neatly on top of the car (and even has room for the dog when you paddle off). The Camping Set will bring years of play into the home.

- Play Benefits: Develops creativity and imagination, stimulates gross motor skills and exercises fine motor skills
- Available: April 16, 2018 for ages 18mo+ / MSRP $34.99

BRIO Airport with Control Tower

Imagine what it’s like to work all the mechanics of an airport and marvel at the special bird’s eye view from the top of the control tower with BRIO’s Airport with Control Tower. This play set is centered around an airport terminal, and includes a working baggage handling system, darling red plane plus pilot and ground crew. From the easy-to-open canopy of the control tower, to the smooth-running plane and baggage elevator, each piece is made with the highest quality materials including European beech wood. BRIO Airport with Control Tower is a perfect addition to your child’s BRIO train setup, offering endless opportunities for play on the ground and in the sky.

- Play Benefits: Develops creativity and imagination, encourages storytelling
- Available: April 16, 2018 for kids ages 3+ / MSRP $69.99

Take Along Labyrinth

Generations of children have grown up playing BRIO Labyrinth. Now, there’s a new version of this turntable maze that’s portable and specially designed for younger kids to enjoy. The Take Along Labyrinth is two-sided and completely sealed so that it can go with you anywhere. No lost marbles, just hours of fun. Made of beech wood and PVC-free plastic, this toy has smooth handles, a marble that glides effortlessly through the maze and will entertain kids for hours. Great for the car or at home.

- Play Benefits: Develops fine motor skills and supports critical reasoning
- Available: April 16, 2018 for kids ages 3+ / MSRP $29.99

BRIO believes toys should open a child’s mind and inspire them to explore their vast and uninhabited imagination. Each of the 2018 products add to the wide-ranging collection of over 140 toys and play sets, all focused on open-ended, joy-filled play to fuel creativity and support a child’s early growth and development.

About BRIO

For over a century, our driving force has been to spread joy among children around the world. We want to create happy childhood memories where the imagination can flow freely. BRIO is a Swedish toy brand that creates innovative, high quality and well-designed FSC® certified (N002103) wooden toys that give children a safe and fun play experience. The company was founded in 1884 and is represented in over 30 countries. To learn more visit @BRIOPlay

About Ravensburger North America
Ravensburger North America (RNA), a division of Ravensburger AG, is a portfolio of award-winning brands with a shared vision to promote playful development at every stage and every age. The RNA family of brands, including Ravensburger, BRIO, Wonder Forge and ThinkFun, offers an expansive line of thoughtfully designed puzzles, games, toys and activities that focus on quality, craftsmanship and encourage individual thoughtful time or shared moments of fun for the entire family.


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