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Wonder Forge Debuts New Party Games that are the Scene for Tell-All Fun, Sequined Fashions, a New Twist on Bingo & Dreams of Unimaginable Riches
Clear your calendar for a fab “Girls Night In” or memorable “Family Game Night” (Spoiler: It will be fun and loud)

Seattle, WA (February 17, 2018) – Toy Fair Booth #2107 – Wonder Forge, maker of great board games that bring people together and a division of Ravensburger North America, introduced new party games for 2018 that are sure to light up game night fun for family and friends alike. The lineup includes a party game so fabulous you’ll wish you could wear it, a family game that makes you think “what would I do with a zillion dollars?!,” an explosively exciting 8-sided dice game, and a delightful preschool game featuring classic farm animals.

“Board games bring people together – sometimes for friendly competition, other times to work together to solve problems, but almost always to fill our lives with fun,” said Filip Francke, CEO of Ravensburger. “Wonder Forge’s newest line of games celebrate what can happen when friends and family hit the pause button to play together. Our games bring out the curious, competitive, adventurous and imaginative kid in all of us.”

Wonder Forge will debut 26 new games this year, including these standouts:

YeahNOPE: The party game that’ll have you wondering how well you know your friends
The sequin-drenched box is almost as irresistible as this tell-all game, where players must guess what happened and how! Have you told off a boss? Made out with someone in a closet? Players work together to build on the story and speculate using situation cards until the moment the truth is revealed with a swipe of the gold sequined box – Yeah or NOPE. You’ll blush, you’ll giggle, you’ll gasp… because you never know the whole truth!

  • Ages 17 & up | 3-8 Players | MSRP $19.99 | Available August 1 exclusively at Target

Big Money: The game of risky rolls & fabulous fortune
Everyone gets crazy rich, but who will end up the richest? With each roll you’ll have a chance to rake in the dough, but be careful, the tables could turn at any moment or the bank could go bust. Roll the dice and buy amazing investments for your empire - a candy factory, a pro soccer team, or a movie studio. You decide what risks to take as you collect companies and become a Zillionaire!

  • Ages 8 & up | 2-5 Players | MSRP $19.99 | Available August 1 exclusively at Walmart

Ya Blew It!: The rowdy game of riches and risks
Warning: shouts of “Fire in the Hole!” might erupt as you engage in this risk-taking social game. Players dig deep in the card deck to mine for diamonds and stake their claim. However, other prospectors may try to steal from you and give you the shaft!  You can play it safe, or push your luck looking for a bigger claim, either way it’s explosive, and you’ll enjoy the fun with every suspenseful roll of the unique 8-sided dynamite dice!

  • Ages 8 & up | 3-6 Players | MSRP $16.99| Available August 1

Farm Animals Spin Go Round:  Barnyard bingo with matching colors, patterns & shapes
Take a spin with barnyard friends in this exciting twist on bingo that’s fun for everyone in the family whether 3 or 93. Match the color, pattern, shape, or farm animal to mark your board. Every player has their own spinner and controls their destiny. That is, until someone lands on “Spin Go Round,” and then everyone switches spinners! You never know when the game will take a turn!

  • Ages 3 & up | 2-4 Players | MSRP $14.99| Available August 1

Wonder Forge’s 2018 games unleash playfulness and offer something for all ages and all stages. Whether you want to test your knowledge, try your luck, show your skills or giggle out-loud, they provide a fun escape and offer a range of experiences to appeal to players 3 and up.

About Wonder Forge

Wonder Forge is proud to offer quality games with strong storylines that let players escape and enjoy fun moments together whether you need a little friendly competition, want to explore the worlds of favorite characters, learn something new, or fill a room with laughter. The company works with the industry’s most beloved licenses and has been honored with more than 220 prestigious awards for product excellence, including 5 nominations for the Toy Industry’s T.O.T.Y. Toy of the Year Award in the game category. To learn more, visit, @WonderForge and

About Ravensburger North America

Ravensburger North America (RNA), a division of Ravensburger AG, is a portfolio of award-winning brands with a shared vision to promote playful development at every stage and every age. The RNA family of brands, including Ravensburger, BRIO, Wonder Forge and ThinkFun, offers an expansive line of thoughtfully designed puzzles, games, toys and activities that focus on quality, craftsmanship and encourage individual thoughtful time or shared moments of fun for the entire family.


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