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FIMO kids – Product Information

FIMO kids by STAEDTLER is an oven-hardening modeling clay that has been developed especially for children’s hands. The soft texture and broad range of colors provide endless design possibilities. FIMO kids fosters the creativity and imagination of children, simply by allowing them to make their own toys.


  • FIMO kids is available as individual color blocks, two color packs (six colors each) and two different product lines: “form&play” and “create&play”.
  • The individual blocks are available in 24 colors or two types of color packs (“basic” and “girlie”) with six color blocks each.
  • The color packs are available in the basic colors red, blue, yellow, black, white and green, or in the version lilac, rose, pink, turquoise, glitter white and glitter gold.
  • To create lasting toys, the FIMO kids can be baked in the oven at 230° F for 30 minutes.
  • Suitable for children 8 years and older.
  • FIMO kids can be purchased through the STAEDTLER online store ( 
  • The individual color blocks are $2.50 each, the color packs (six color blocks) are $11.99, the form&play sets are $9.99, the create&play sets are $14.99 and the birthday boxes are $19.99. 

FIMO kids “form&play”:

  • The ideal introduction to the world of modeling.
  • Allows children to create figures and toys based on step-by-step instructions.
  • One set contains four FIMO kids modeling clay blocks, a modeling stick, child-friendly modeling instructions and a playing background scene.
  • A choice of 12 thematic worlds: Space, Dino, Robot, Knight, Princess, Pony, Fairy, Pet, Pirate, Seaworld. Monster, Mermaid.
  • Three different levels of difficulty, from easy to challenging (1=easy, 2=medium, 3=difficult).

FIMO kids “create&play”:

  • For children with some experience in modeling.
  • Available as two different sets to create jewelry or two types of birthday boxes (princess or pirate theme).  
  • The jewelry set contains four colorful blocks of oven-hardening clay, a modeling stick, ribbons, pearls and instructions.
  • The birthday boxes each contain eight blocks of oven-hardening clay, six pirate hats or crowns, six modeling sticks, three wax crayons, three rubber bands and instructions.
  • Available in three different degrees of difficulty (1=easy, 2=medium, 3=difficult).

Packaging & Safety:

  • One block of FIMO kids modeling clay weighs 1.5 oz. (42 grams).
  • Easy to open, resalable packaging.
  • FIMO kids is available as a folding box, each containing eight blocks of clay.
  • FIMO kids is AP-certified by The Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI) according to LHAMA and complies with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) on the safety of toys.
  • Tested for harmlessness every five years by independent toxicologists.
  • Neutral smell.

STAEDTLER is one of the oldest industrial companies in Germany and ranks among the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of writing, coloring, drawing and creative products. An international company with a high export quota, STAEDTLER has over 2,000 employees worldwide, more than 1,200 of them in Germany alone. The long-established company attaches great importance to the origins of its products and manufactures almost 80% of its articles in Germany. This makes STAEDTLER the largest manufacturer of wood-cased pencils, erasers, mechanical pencil leads and modeling clays in Europe and proud of its long tradition of manufacturing ‘Made in Germany’ products.