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SAVVi Releases Glitterific Crafting Tool at New York Toy Fair

TUCSON, Ariz. – Feb. 19, 2018 – Children love glitter and parents hate the mess! SAVVi’s new Glitterific crafting tool allows children to play with glitter while keeping parents happy by not leaving the sparkles behind. Glifttrific is a glitter dispensing and vacuum wand. SAVVi will release the Glitterific prototype at the New York Toy Fair, Feb. 17 through Feb. 20.

In each Glitterific kit, customers will receive the vacuum wand and an assortment of glitter refill packs and appliques. To activate the Glitterific crafting tool, customers push the button closest to end of the wand to dispense glitter. Glitter can be applied to SAVVi appliques to create fun, clean and Glitterific designs. Once glitter is dispensed over the applique, customers simply push the button closest to the handle to suck up the excess glitter with the vacuum.

“The Glitterific crafting tool inspires creativity and imaginative play without a mess. We are eager for Glitterific to hit major retailers so parents can encourage crafting without concern of leaving a trail of glitter behind,” said Bryan Meek, EVP of Sales and Marketing.
Glitterific is a fun crafting tool for everyone ages 6+. Addittonal kits will also be available with appliques, and glitter refill packs.

Stop by booth 1247, to see live demonstrations of the Glitterific crafting tool at the New York Toy Fair.


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