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After years of masterfully creating licensed toys for powerhouse entertainment companies, Snaptoys is jumping in with Lil’ Butters, Thunder Stompers and Furbelles!

New York, NY, February 12, 2016 — Toy Fair 2016 in New York City at the Jacob Javits Convention Center is less than a day away. While Snap Global Solutions is no stranger to the show, 2016 marks its debut as an exhibitor under the new Snaptoys banner in Booth 1853. Snap Global Solutions has been masterfully creating licensed toys for powerhouses such as HASBRO, PIXAR, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS and DISNEY since 1999. Drawing from this vast experience in designing and manufacturing successful products brought about Snaptoys. At the fair, Snaptoys will be showcasing its introductory toy, accessory, and collectible ranges, such as THUNDER-STOMPERS, FURBELLES and LIL’ BUTTERS.

“We are thrilled to officially share the launch of Snaptoys and our product lines with everyone at Toy Fair. To be able to apply our experience as a turnkey custom design and manufacturer to our own line of products is extremely rewarding,” said Ricardo Venegas, Snaptoys CEO.

Snaptoys’ flagship line is Lil’ Butters, a funky line of quirky, fun and sassy collectible butterfly figurines for girls of ALL ages. Each Lil’ Butter design is inspired by the special personalities that girls possess, a mixture of boldness, love, joy, uncertainty and strength. Just like butterflies, girls go through their own amazing transformation as they change and grow – all in an effort to find their wings and true colors. Lil’ Butters are tried and true friends that will help girls discover who they really are, how they define themselves, what the possibilities are, and where their wings can take them!

Backed by a comprehensive public relations and social media campaign aimed at empowering girls, Lil’ Butters celebrates the many emotions of growing up, such as friendships, first loves, and life’s special moments. Series 01 consists of six figurines: Mellow Bliss, Lovey Dovey, Sweet Beats, Superhero, Love Stinks, and Whatever! Decide which one, two or six - are most like you! Look for Series 02 to follow this Summer 2016, with additional series thereafter, as this hot new property takes off.

LIL’ BUTTERS will be available online and in-stores nationwide at specialty retail shops such as Hobby Lobby and more this Spring 2016 for a SRP of $8.99.

THUNDER STOMPERS are ferocious yet cuddly plush dinosaurs that come to life with roars and thundering stomping sounds, perfect for children aged 2-5. Mash, Slash, Crash and Flash are 12” of colorful, high quality plush, with signature, oversized feet and vibrant personalities! Transform playtime into a prehistoric adventure with THUNDER STOMPERS and their on-the-go, pint-sized buddies, STOMP-A-SAURS.

THUNDER STOMPERS and STOMP-A-SAURS will be available online and in-stores Spring 2016 for respective SRPs of $19.99 and $6.99.

Straight from the world of high fashion, FURBELLES are adorable little fur balls bursting with personality and charm. These fluffy, must-have accessories will have little fashionistas hanging them from their bags, backpacks, and more. Why? Because they are Furbelle-iscious!

FURBELLES will be available online and in-stores this Summer 2016 for a SRP of $5.99.

Additional product information for LIL’ BUTTERS, THUNDER STOMPERS and STOMP-A-SAURS may be found on our online press kit. Expect to see more innovative products from Snaptoys in the coming months!


Since 1999, Snap Global Solutions has been designing, sourcing, and manufacturing toys for some of the largest entertainment brands in the world. From Disney to DreamWorks, to Hasbro and Pixar, Snap Global Solutions expertly brings licensed products to market through their turnkey design and manufacturing services in the mass market, specialty, international, and theme parks channels.

In 2015, Snaptoys was launched to create and market a proprietary range of quality branded toys for kids of all ages, relying on its vast experience in character design and development to produce fun and engaging toys. Snaptoys products feature a selection of unique and relatable toys such as Lil’ Butters®, Thunder Stompers™, and Thunder Stompers Stomp-a-Saurs™. Visit them at to learn more.


For further information: Allison Katz, NOBL Communications, (508) 963-9034.