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A New Perspective on Drawing Games is Coming Soon with Telestrations®: Upside Drawn

Telestrations is celebrating a decade of unforgettable moments, with players all over the world who love to enjoy the fast-paced guessing game and share hilarious and obscure drawings with their friends and family.
Soon, the wildly addicting “Telephone Game Sketched Out” will be joined by a brand new and never-before-seen experience for party goers and gamers to win with their craziest drawing skills. Get ready to take “lost in translation” to new level with Telestrations: Upside Drawn!

This upside down take on award-winning Telestrations puts a teamwork spin on laugh-out-loud miscommunication by putting the pen in one person’s hand, and control of the board in another’s! Then, players will pair up to draw but only use “up” or “down” directives for their partner to guess and win!

“For the past 10 years, we’ve helped to create memories through the hilarious stories of people playing Telestrations, so we are thrilled to add yet another way to keep spreading joy with team-based coordination that literally brings friends and family together,” says John Davis, CEO.

The Op is thrilled to work with acclaimed game designer Kane Klenko (Fuse, Dead Men Tell No Tales) to introduce this mechanic to our line of games that inspire laughter and creativity! Telestrations: Upside Drawn is made for 4+ players ages 12 and up and retails for $19.99. For more information, follow The Op’s social channels for more details and gameplay tutorials!

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