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Newly Launched Production Company and Upcoming Touring Live Show Bring Santa’s Magical North Pole to Life!

Creatively Classic Activities and Books (CCA and B, LLC), home of the beloved tradition The Elf on the Shelf®, is ramping up its global entertainment plans to make 2019 the most captivating holiday season to-date. With the recent addition of its subsidiary, Scout Elf Productions™, the company plans to create more animated content for both large and small screens, including the all-new DVD special Elf Pets: A Fox Cub’s Christmas Tale, for families all over the world to enjoy. This animated special will show how Santa is able to travel undetected around the world in one night. The story is inspired by the new book, Elf Pets: An Arctic Fox Tradition. Both are set to release in 2019. 

"Scout Elf Productions grants us the opportunity to share with children the wonders, lore and magic of the North Pole that they have never been able to see before,” states Chanda Bell, Co-owner of CCA and B and executive producer of Scout Elf Productions. "Through animation, we can tell these stories in a way that is fun, family-friendly and, hopefully, makes Santa Claus proud."

Elf Pets: Santa’s St. Bernards Save Christmas, the first animated DVD special from Scout Elf Productions, debuted in stores this past season, and aired on primetime broadcast TV in multiple countries to millions of viewers. More information about animated content at 

In addition to appearing on screen, Santa’s famous Scout Elves are taking center stage in the first The Elf on the Shelf® live musical kicking off this November. Featuring a new story, dynamic Scout Elf characters and sing-along worthy songs, this production is sure to become a holiday favorite. Full tour dates will be announced later this year at

Families will also be able to enjoy new engaging and amusing short videos on the Elf on the Shelf’s YouTube channel, as well as an immersive experience into the North Pole at – filled with new games and activities. 

“Our mission has always been rooted in bringing joy to families at Christmastime,” states Christa Pitts, Co-owner of CCA and B and executive producer of Scout Elf Productions. “The entertainment-focused direction we are undertaking is multi-faceted, so families can interact with Santa, Scout Elves, Elf Pets and the magical world of the North Pole in a whole new way.”

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