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Discover why these prayer mats are reaching half a billion people globally: & now they’re coming to New York Toy Fair

A company that has reached over half a billion people globally, with over 2 million followers on social media is launching its viral interactive prayer mat in New York City this fall. The team is set to make an appearance at the New York Toy Fair 2023 to showcase their range of educational smart technology that revolutionizes the way children learn to interact with their faith.

This coincides with the recent decision from Mayor Eric Adams to allow Muslims across the city to broadcast the call to prayer without the need for a permit.

“New York is leading the way in equality for Muslims,” said Kamal Ali, Inventor of the My Salah Mat.” This is a massive step and I’m truly taken aback by this monumental decision. I’m excited to showcase our interactive prayer mat in New York City for the first time, which it includes the call to prayer within its design.”

The Technological Revolution of Prayer Mats

My Salah Mat is a product made by a parent for children struggling to learn Salah. It is an interactive learning tool that introduces prayer in a fun and enjoyable way. Here are some of the prayer mat’s ingenious features:

  • Fully interactive with 25 touch-sensitive keys
  • Pre recorded call to prayer
  • Light guidance technology
  • Each of the 5 daily prayers

It teaches children about the different positions and movements of Salah, as well as what to say during them. The prayer mat is designed with light guidance technology to lead the user through the prayer. It recognizes the position the user is in and the prayer will not begin until the user is touching the correct position, further immersing them into the prayer process.

From Seeing his Son Struggle to Invention

Learning the intricacies of Islamic prayer can be hard for children. The Initial spark of the My Salah Mat came to Kamal Ali when he was watching his son learn to pray. Kamal remembers his son at the age of 4 struggling to do Sujood - the prostration position of the Muslim prayer.

He could see that although his son wanted to pray, the position was difficult to perform and he kept belly-flopping. This led Kamal to search online for a solution, some kind of educational prayer mat that would make the learning process easy. But when he looked there was nothing. This was the beginning of an eighteen-month journey from inspiration to the product that is revolutionizing the way Muslims learn how to pray.

Technology that Supports Converts to the Faith

Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world. With over 20,000 Americans converting to the faith annually. In 2021, Dallas Mavericks basketball player Kyrie Irving (NBA), announced that he had converted to Islam. He joins countless Americans who will learn to pray as they discover more about the faith.

But for a new Muslim, learning to pray can feel like a mountain to climb. From thousands of requests on TikTok, Kamal Ali went to work on developing an adult interactive prayer mat. With light guidance and touch-sensitive technology, the user can complete the prayer without having any knowledge to begin with.

This is something completely new for Muslims, who have been learning to pray for over 1400 years. It is the first time technology has been incorporated into the learning process of prayer. Not only does it make the process independent, but also gives new Muslims the confidence to learn to pray from the day they convert.

Physical Learning Over Apps

Before the interactive prayer mat was invented, there were several apps that new Muslims could use to learn how to pray. However, these did not give an immersive experience or show the physical process of performing the prayer, step by step. My Salah Mat allows Muslims to retain educational information by supporting each learning style: kinesthetic, tactile, auditory, and visual.

My Salah Mat at the 2023 North American International Toy Fair

The team at My Salah Mat will be showcasing their range of educational inventions at the 2023 North American International Toy Fair in New York City. They’ll be located at stand 5677 and will be there each day to showcase their new educational range.

About My Salah Mat

My Salah Mat was founded in 2018 by Inventor Kamal Ali. Using his background in product design, Kamal created the world’s first Interactive Prayer Mat for kids. After worldwide success, the company expanded to create other educational products - eventually releasing a version for adults.

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